A Podcasting Pet Peeve

A Podcasting Pet Peeve

I wanted to share something I saw in a podcast Facebook group that I belong to. (I belong to several.)

“I ONLY have ____ downloads.”

This type of language will absolutely DEFEAT you. If you use this language, STAHP. Check yourself before you wreck yourself (I heard one of the fly kids say that once).

You need to keep your enthusiasm and remain EXCITED for what you do.

You have ____ downloads!

How many ears is that?

If you put them in a room, how big would that room be?

Would you be nervous/excited to speak to them live and in person?

When I went to PodFest in Orlando this past February, I read an article in the schedule handout that was written by Rob Walch, the VP of Podcaster Relationships for Libsyn.com

Rob shared that to be in the top 50% of podcasts, the bar is set at an average of 170 downloads per episode. Think about that. Does that number seem larger or smaller than you thought previously? Does that change your mindset about download numbers? 

In my experience, connection with your audience outweighs the number of downloads. If your audience is “small,” you have an AMAZING opportunity. You might be able to actually get to know a lot of them and find out what they like about your show. They may even tell you why you or your show is important to them. That is incredible research that can move you forward, keep your energy, and motivate you to be a better podcaster.

Don’t beat yourself up for having a smaller show. Use it to know your audience (and what they like) so you can tailor content and make a stronger show!

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  1. I am a novice podcaster, looking forward to more of your content! I can’t believe i never thought to ask my listeners what it is about my show that makes them stick around. Unsolicited feedback is so rare. Can’t wait to learn more!

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