Overcoming Fear of the Big Red Button

Overcoming Fear of the Big Red Button

You’ve been thinking of podcasting for awhile now. You’ve done your research. You know what you want to podcast about. Hell, you even have a name for it.

What keeps you from hitting record?

Maybe you’ve been staring at the problem too long. You’ve been researching, plotting, and planning for so long that you’re not sure if you’re ready. This is called analysis paralysis, and it’s devastating because… nothing. ever. happens.

Maybe you’re scared to open yourself up to criticism. Or you’re afraid that you don’t sound enough like a proper host. Or maybe you’re unsure if you can become the expert in your area. No matter whether it’s failure, success, or overcoming personal issues, FEAR — no matter the kind — is completely debilitating.

These are two of the biggest reasons why podcasters fail before they even start. BUT YOU CAN OVERCOME THESE THINGS!

When you doubt yourself, talk to someone. You should enlist a friend, a councilor, a parent, a co-worker, or even that guy you kind of know down at the vintage vinyl store. Opening up about your problems will allow you to de-stress a bit and reexamine your situation. Maybe — with other people’s help — you can actually find the solutions you need!

And, hey. If you really want to talk about your podcast with someone who understands the gig, let me know. I’d be more than happy to talk shop and get you ready to rock! Contact me at this link, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Good luck in your journey!