True Passion: It’s not what you think!

True Passion: It’s not what you think!

In podcasting, we’re told that you MUST find a topic that you’re truly passionate about. And it’s true! But if I were to ask you what “true passion” is, you might balk at the idea.

The modern definition of passion reads as a “strong and barely controllable emotion.” When we’re talking about podcasting, we need to dig a little deeper into the entimology of the word.

It turns out the word passion comes from Latin, and it may not mean what you think it means! Passio (Latin for passion) means “suffer, endure.” A classic representation is The Passion of the Christ.

With that in mind, when I talk about passion in podcasting, I combine the Latin and modern definitions. What would you love to endure or suffer through? What do you have such a strong desire for that you would walk through fire for it?

There will most definitely be setbacks to every project you create. What will you still love at the end of a hard day’s work? What would make slogging through the frustrations worth it?

In podcasting, there are so many things that a producer must overcome. Technology, Social Media, Marketing, managing relationships, building community… and then there’s running the actual show piled on top! You must LOVE what you’re doing, and you must LOVE it so much that you’ll go endure the pains that go along with it.


There are two links I’d love to give you for further insight. One is a podcast called Eventual Millionaire with Jaime Masters. She talked with Moustafa Hamwi (AKA The Passion Guy), and it’s an enlightening hour of talk!

The other is an article – “Why ‘Follow Your Passion’ Is Bad Advice.” I don’t agree with that title AT ALL, but there are still some nuggets of wisdom to be had. Inside, you’ll see subtitles of “Not Passion, ____” where the blank has another word beginning with the letter P.

It’s a clever play, maybe too clever. But the author suggests it will take MORE THAN just passion to be productive, which I can agree with. My only point is this:

Without passion to start with, does the rest of it really matter?