5 Reasons Podcasters Live (and Die) by a Schedule

5 Reasons Podcasters Live (and Die) by a Schedule

When you start a podcast, you’ll find that your fans, your crew and even you will form certain expectations of it. Everyone will get to know what your topics revolve around, what the show’s strengths and weaknesses are, basic format and length of each episode, and more.

Those expectations will also include WHEN your show will release. Just as you need a plan to make a podcast, you will also need to plan your podcasts!

If you’re doing a weekly podcast, schedule your time accordingly. If you record on Sunday, block out your Sundays on your calendar. The consistent release of content will help listeners build your show into their schedules.

“Oh… it’s Monday? I bet there’s a new episode of my favorite podcast. I can listen to it on the drive in to work today. Hooray!”

This is what people say about my show, Convert to Raid. When we miss a week, we get comments through social media and email. People have built the show into their lives so much so that they know EXACTLY when we release a new podcast each week.

We schedule everything for that show. Show notes are written Tuesday afternoons. We record the live stream on Tuesday night at 10pm central. Our show lasts for about an hour and a half and then call it a night. I edit the show Wednesday mornings. I post the audio and video content early Wednesday afternoon.

Could I make it a faster process? Sure. But our listeners expect this from us. We even get surprised comments if we release EARLY.

For the Podcast Launchpad podcast (going through the pre-launch process now), the schedule will be different because it’s evergreen content. BUT THERE WILL STILL BE A SCHEDULE!

I plan on booking interviews during one week every month, producing one month’s worth of shows in that week, but releasing new content every week on the same day and time.

Your fans aren’t the only ones that need a schedule.

No matter your workflow, all podcast producers need a schedule to stay on target. Here are a few reasons that don’t need a ton of explanation:

  • It holds you accountable to others, like co-hosts.
  • It builds a solid foundation of habits and helps you maintain your momentum to keep producing quality content.
  • It gives you an action item which helps limit procrastination.

And there’s one more reason that may come at you from left field. A schedule can help you with your expenses. WHAT???

Media hosts (like Libsyn, Podbean, Blubrry and others) base their fees off of the data you upload every month. The more consistent you are about when you upload and the length of your shows can save you a few bucks!

It can be difficult falling into the habit of doing a podcast regularly. Build it into your calendar, and follow your calendar to keep your momentum. You can do it!