6 Tips to Reset Yourself for the Best Possible You

6 Tips to Reset Yourself for the Best Possible You

For me, it happened yesterday (which is why I’m writing about it now). Everyone seemed to be on edge, or have hard edges to them, or… something else about edges. It was all kinds of messed up. And then I looked at myself, and realized that everyone else might not be the problem. It could be me.

I was anxious about trying to catch up with work having been sick the week before. I was stressed out by some family obligations from my dad’s passing last summer. And otherwise flustered by a myriad of things, both known and unknown. I could feel it!

Do you ever have those moments? How do you release tension, get away from the noise of your life, and step back from it all?

Some people say I’m hard on myself, which may be because I’m my own boss. My dad used to say, “When you work for yourself, every day you wake up unemployed.” No pressure.

Today I decided that I needed a change, so I stuffed my bike in my car and headed to one of my favorite bike trails. In Minnesota, we don’t have as many months for amazing mornings like this, so it was especially satisfying.

I’m not a hippy, new-wave, granola-eating guy… but I do believe that I need to put myself into a mindset where I can succeed. I want to make sure that I put my best possible self forward as much as possible. That’s how I best connect with people and have fun at whatever I’m doing!

And podcasting is all about putting the best YOU out there. Every time I approach that mic, I want to be completely ready to put on a show. That means my mind has to be cleared of that mental garbage.

For you, resetting could be something different: playing chess, going out for a walk, reading a book, or catching up with friends. I would only recommend a few things:

  • Give yourself permission to take a break to recharge before going back into the fire. Don’t you deserve it?
  • Unplug as much as possible. Worrying about work won’t help the process.
  • Try it without audio or video. Podcasts and music are great, but can either be a distraction or a crutch while shutting you out of the rest of the world.
  • Don’t use escape mechanisms like TV, video games, alcohol or drugs. You’re just putting life on hold, not resetting yourself.
  • If you’re frustrated by work (or your podcast), try remembering why you fell in love with it in the first place. Go back to those first moments and try to really hone in on your passion.
  • Look around and be present. Try noticing the great things going on around you. Whether it’s a great wide open view (like the one I had on my bike ride) or the tiny wrinkle in a friendly smile, I’m sure you can find something good!

After this morning’s bike ride, I’ll admit that I’m a little tired. But… I’ll also admit that I feel ready for what the day brings, whatever it may be.