Podcast Launchpad Podcast Launches!

Podcast Launchpad Podcast Launches!

Okay… so this isn’t as much of a blog post as it is an exclamation of excitement and relief. Do you ever feel that when you finally let something loose into the public eye?

Let me rewind, and for those of you that get my emails this may be a bit repetitious. I’ve had the idea for PCLP for the last year or more. The guide came first, then the art, then the website, then the blog… and all during that time I had what I thought was the perfect podcast idea all lined up.

And then… I attempted to put my idea into action. AND IT FAILED.

Why? Because it wasn’t the show for me, and it wasn’t the show for you.

Instead, I was using a template of someone else’s show that I “reimagined” for myself. It wasn’t original, and it didn’t fit. If I had just tried to force the podcast into existence, I would have lasted maybe 10 episodes (and that’s a BIG maybe) before fading into obscurity.

I’m glad I recognized that as I was recording the first interviews. I’m glad I was interviewing friends that I’ll be able to talk to again. I’m glad those interviews were not so great. Failure helped motivate me to find the rendition you’ll be hearing on the actual podcast!

And now you might understand why I’m both relieved and excited it’s all finally out there!

This is the second time in the last year when I’ve felt that pure bliss, and both times were for Podcast Launchpad projects. The first was when I celebrated releasing the quick start guide, and then for the podcast launch.

If you’ve been sitting on a show idea for awhile, I’d like to encourage you to push it forward. Nudge it, cajole it, or coax it along. Keep working away at it, and I hope that soon you’ll be able to feel this same sort of sweet sunlight that I feel right now.

Good luck!