Month: July 2017

Get the Podcast Launchpad Quickstart guide to podcasting at   This episode, Pat discusses media hosts and why podcasters use them. Then he talks with Jules Scott, the producer of Tauren Think Tank — a personal advice podcast for video gamers. For more on Tauren Think Tank, head to

I have a bunch of audio posted on SoundCloud, including podcasts, clips, skits, and a few original songs. I know several podcasters that use SoundCloud for their entire podcast operations. But there’s been a lot of drama reported over the last week or so about the hosting service, as SoundCloud recently laid off 40% of […]

This show, Pat talks about the importance of COMMUNITY to help you grow and improve your podcast. Then he talks with Lauren Shippen, producer of The Bright Sessions. For more on The Bright Sessions, head to   Stop by for your free guide or to submit a podcast for a future show!