Okay… so this isn’t as much of a blog post as it is an exclamation of excitement and relief. Do you ever feel that when you finally let something loose into the public eye? Let me rewind, and for those of you that get my emails this may be a bit repetitious. I’ve had the […]

For me, it happened yesterday (which is why I’m writing about it now). Everyone seemed to be on edge, or have hard edges to them, or… something else about edges. It was all kinds of messed up. And then I looked at myself, and realized that everyone else might not be the problem. It could […]

When you start a podcast, you’ll find that your fans, your crew and even you will form certain expectations of it. Everyone will get to know what your topics revolve around, what the show’s strengths and weaknesses are, basic format and length of each episode, and more. Those expectations will also include WHEN your show will […]

At some point in your podcast career, you may entertain the notion of monetization — even if you’re only podcasting “as a hobby.” (By the way… the hobby of podcasting is still quite a bit of work!) Before I get into the nuts and bolts, please know that I don’t subscribe to one form of advertising […]

In podcasting, we’re told that you MUST find a topic that you’re truly passionate about. And it’s true! But if I were to ask you what “true passion” is, you might balk at the idea. The modern definition of passion reads as a “strong and barely controllable emotion.” When we’re talking about podcasting, we need to dig […]

You’ve been thinking of podcasting for awhile now. You’ve done your research. You know what you want to podcast about. Hell, you even have a name for it. What keeps you from hitting record? Maybe you’ve been staring at the problem too long. You’ve been researching, plotting, and planning for so long that you’re not […]

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been all about PLANNING & GOALS. I dunno. Maybe it’s just because it’s tax season, so this line of thinking seems very appropriate. I’m looking ahead to this next year, to travel plans for work, summer escapes, and even my 20 Year Anniversary in October! This is going to […]

I wanted to share something I saw in a podcast Facebook group that I belong to. (I belong to several.) “I ONLY have ____ downloads.” This type of language will absolutely DEFEAT you. If you use this language, STAHP. Check yourself before you wreck yourself (I heard one of the fly kids say that once). You […]

Welcome to Podcast Launchpad! After months of hard work (with years of inspiration behind it), we’ve finally launched ourselves. It feels good to be off the ground. In this space — and in the accompanying podcast and everything else we do — we’ll be exploring everything you need to plan, build, and improve your podcast. […]